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During the lengthy sleepless nights, the familiar home surroundings of a new mother
take on a dark, eerie appearance.


Night after night, the long hours of sleeplessness trickle slowly, from twilight to dawn.
The TV offers no real diversion, leaving the eyes free to roam around the familiar
house surroundings.
To the tired, itchy senses, incapable of telling truth from imagination,
the well-known environment takes on an eerie, even sinister, character.
Movement can be discerned, where usually there is none; things appear either slower
or quicker then normal; sounds are variously dimmed or over-accentuated;
time itself seems to advance in sudden jerks.


I remember from childhood experiencing the feeling -
usually at nighttime, but sometimes in the early morning or afternoon reveries -
that my home has a life of its own.
I could hear it breathing, moaning and whispering, feel it moving and shifting.
Naturally, this was usually an alarming sensation,but surprisingly, at times
it would offer some sort of consolation, even a sense of companionship.

Though never a stranger to broken sleep, nothing in my younger years
could prepare me for the state of constant sleeplessness
accompanying new motherhood.
The intense sensations, both physical and mental, of becoming a mother
for the first time, coupled with extreme sleep deprivation,
made me feel hazy yet overly susceptible, tired yet extremely tense.
I was so tuned into the slightest, most subtle movements and sounds,
that I could literally feel my home surroundings waking to life around me. 

Six to Six tells the story of a sleepless night at home.
It is actually a short 'road movie', taking place entirely indoors.
It paces along the seam between wakefulness and sleep,
reality and imagination, dream and hallucination.

All rights reserved to Neta Cohen 2019